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In today’s world, financial planning is more important than ever.

Choosing a Financial advisor may be one of the most important decisions you make for yourself and your family. Studies by various financial services research organisations, show that using a professional investment advisor can help you to achieve your financial goals.

Financial advisor’s can play a central role in helping you meet your life goals and achieving financial well-being, by assisting you in addressing specific financial needs at different stages throughout your life. Consequently, you need to make sure you choose a Financial advisor who is competent, trustworthy, and who adheres to the highest professional standards.

It is your financial professional’s business to get to know who you are and to help you clearly define both your short and long term financial goals. With thousands of financial products to choose from, finding the most suitable product or the best combination, can have a significant impact on your degree of success. Your financial advisor has the knowledge and resources necessary to help you source and decide on the products specific to your needs.

Often a specific event will trigger the need for professional financial planning guidance.

These might include;

  • Dealing with an inheritance or another unexpected financial windfall
  • Purchasing your home
  • Providing for a financial crisis such as a serious illness
  • Facing redundancy or loss of income
  • Coping financially with the death of a spouse or close family member
  • Funding education
  • Buying, selling or passing on a family business
  • Making provisions for your retirement

The Importance of Regular Reviews

The importance of regular review of your Financial Portfolio cannot be overemphasised. You should aim to have a suitable plan in place for your short, medium and long-term needs and be satisfied with the way your portfolio has been developed to match both your risk profile and your ultimate desires in life. However, your circumstances will change as you advance through different life stages, which will no doubt alter your financial needs and goals. In addition, the financial marketplace continues to change with the development of new products, fluctuating markets and varying interest rates. This will necessitate regular review with your Financial Advisor to ensure that your plan is adjusted to meet your changing needs and that you stay up to date with the performance of your portfolio.

Financial advisors can also help you achieve peace of mind, something that is very important in today’s highly pressured and uncertain economic climate.

The benefits of working with a Financial advisor continue throughout your life!

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We’ve helped a range of people and business owners accumulate, protect, and activate wealth over the years, and our customers can attest to the long term holistic relationship we build with them over the years.

Blackhall Financial Services have just saved my family a considerable amount of money and released a substantial cash lump sum at the same time. I asked the firm to review existing life insurance policies for myself and my husband to see if a reduction in our premium was possible. We now have adequeate if not better life insurance cover Not only are we paying a considerably lower monthly premium, but there was a cash build up in the policy, of which we had been unaware and which we were delighted to be able to access. The whole process took only a matter of days. The staff at Blackhall Financial Services are exceptionally knowledgeable whom I most heartily recommend`


I have absolute trust in the Directors & staff of Blackhall Financial Services I perceive that there is much knowledge & experience in the team and to date, I have never been let down or given bad advice. I feel that I can ask for advice to help me make a decision and when a decision has been made the team will either execute it fully or support me in my efforts to execute it. The personal relationship I have with team in Blackhall Financial Services is paramount to me. There is a lot of respect in our business dealings which has created good friendships and both of these make me feel that your firm will always offer me the right advice to ensure that I benefit, even though Blackhall might not benefit directly

Tony Nerney

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