A pension scheme helps support you and your family when you retire, and can also provide for your family should the worst happen. When people come to retire they will experience a reduction in income – a pension makes up for some of this loss of income in retirement.

Our Pension Advice Process

  1. Initial discovery meeting (for which there is no charge) where we gather
    information regarding your existing benefits and an outline of your own
    pension objectives
  2. We assess your risk profile.
  3. Develop a pension plan tailored to your specific requirements and risk
  4. Make recommendations to you based on research we have carried out
  5. Implement the plan and provide ongoing advice updates and reviews

Pre-retirement pension planning

Our objective is to help you build the max pension fund allowable at retirement so that you can enjoy your retirement years. Our pension advice service will help you achieve your pension goals and we tailor our advice process to your specific needs and requirements.

Who do we advise?

✓ Company Directors / Executives
✓ Sole traders/ Self Employed and Partnerships
✓ Professionals
✓ Employers who are looking to set up pension for employees
✓ Employees with existing pension benefits from previous employments, or employees who have been made redundant and looking for advice or employees looking for advice to set up AVC,s or Additional Voluntary contributions

Our Pension Advice Process

✓ When people come to retire they will experience a reduction in income –
a pension makes up for some of this loss of income in retirement;

✓ Pension schemes can provide protection in the form of lump sums
and pensions to dependants in the event of a members death;

Get Your Future Secured

So if you are considering starting a pension plan and you want to get the best independent advice available or you have existing pension benefits , and you are not happy with the advice you are getting or how your pension fund is performing then why not contact us for a pension review. If you have been made redundant or in the process or being made redundant or you are leaving your employment and want to discuss your options please also contact us for advice


We’ve helped a range of people and business owners accumulate, protect, and activate wealth over the years, and our customers can attest to the long term holistic relationship we build with them over the years.

Blackhall Financial Services have just saved my family a considerable amount of money and released a substantial cash lump sum at the same time. I asked the firm to review existing life insurance policies for myself and my husband to see if a reduction in our premium was possible. We now have adequeate if not better life insurance cover Not only are we paying a considerably lower monthly premium, but there was a cash build up in the policy, of which we had been unaware and which we were delighted to be able to access. The whole process took only a matter of days. The staff at Blackhall Financial Services are exceptionally knowledgeable whom I most heartily recommend`


I have absolute trust in the Directors & staff of Blackhall Financial Services I perceive that there is much knowledge & experience in the team and to date, I have never been let down or given bad advice. I feel that I can ask for advice to help me make a decision and when a decision has been made the team will either execute it fully or support me in my efforts to execute it. The personal relationship I have with team in Blackhall Financial Services is paramount to me. There is a lot of respect in our business dealings which has created good friendships and both of these make me feel that your firm will always offer me the right advice to ensure that I benefit, even though Blackhall might not benefit directly

Tony Nerney

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